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I kind of hate this part of writing a blog. I love to read other bloggers pages about themselves but I find myself completely drawing a blank on writing about myself. So here are some current random things that you may find interesting.

1. The M's in my title page describe where I live, where I'm from, what my husband does for a job, what I am training for and what my spiritual value system is.

2. I have 4 children, 3 sons and 1 daughter. My oldest the X-man is an awesome child with a big heart. The Girl is kick butt and my hardest child to parent, she is either the most awesome daughter ever or a complete unmoveable stubborn vampire child, depends on her mood. The twins are almost 4 and  I will  call them Mayhem and Mastermind. The twins were the curve ball in my life and they are a rich blessing but also a huge challenge.

3. I like books, stories, movies, music and media. I think these are the story tellers tools and I love stories. Fiction or fairytale, personal or documentary it doesn't matter I think we need stories. Case in point one of my children's middle names is Aslan. I love to read!

4. I bake I don't cook. I raise kids and animals not plants.

5.  I love a deal but I also love luxury but ultimately I am too cheap for my own good.

6. I love Mason jars.

7. I like rocks, both ugly and earthy and polished and pretty.

8. My husband and I met and married in less than 6 months. I fell madly and hopelessly in love with him and he is my soulmate.

9. At the moment I prefer caramel to chocolate but that could change any day.

10. I studied modern dance in high school and college.

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