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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

little more

A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed hopeless failure may turn to glorious success.
Elbert Hubbard

I am not feeling the love of the treadmill today! In the winter I can do my long run without a hitch. My long run on Saturday night was 16 miles and it was slower than I would have liked due to boredom..dun dun DAH!
 I wrote that not this last weekend or the weekend before but 2  weeks ago, well not quite. The husband has been traveling a ton, and that means that my long run had to wait until he got back last weekend. Well I was exhausted literally because I slept through my alarm and didn't wake up until it was way to late to go. I run on the weekends before our crazy schedule of things we need to get done starts. But I took it in stride and thought I needed that it's okay. Fast forward a week, one glorious week he was home. In that week we adopted a new dog, bought a new garage door and tried to fill our time to the brim with everything we missed last week and everything we are going to miss for the next two weeks that the husband is gone.Have you ever tried that it's impossible to fill up with someones love and time because you still miss them like crazy once they are gone.  He left Saturday morning which meant no one was here to be with the kiddos so I could go out for a couple of hours to run 20 freaking miles. My sister is a rock star and came to stay with me Sunday night so I could hit the treadmill and try to get all my miles in. I had an EPIC FAIL, my plantar fascitis has been getting worse which I think is due in part to stress and after 8 miles I wanted to cry. It didn't help it was midnight so I called it quits and hated myself for it.
Fast forward to this morning, I am over my failure I have mileage to do this week and a long run of 20 miles this weekend and I think I can get around my babysitting problem to go in the morning but it will take creative problem solving.

I officially signed up for the marathon so even if my training has been thwarted by the husbands traveling I am going to run that sucker, slower than I would like but that means I can only improve. When I decided to do this marathon and not another one I knew he was going to be gone every other week and that getting my mileage in would be difficult at best but it felt like the right answer. So this is my silly life where sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day or enough me to get it all done and so I do my best. I am sure I disappoint some people and sometimes I disappoint myself. But at the end of the day I sigh and know that I am doing my best and that I am improving and hopefully the people  I love know that.

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